About us

Medi-Tran Services Ltd. (MTS Logistics) is a widely recognized insured and bonded mail forwarder that has been serving the specialized delivery needs of the dental, health care and related communities since 1986. We are the only courier service dedicated to providing a secure, timely and cost-effective distribution system for these communities.

The company was originally formed in 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia to serve as a network for the exchange of medical and dental information within the healthcare and dental communities. Based on the premise that these communities required a time sensitive, cost-effective, reliable, and secure system of distribution, the company at the time called “MEDI-TRAN SERVICES LTD.” developed a unique infrastructure and custom tracking system to accommodate all their needs.

With the infrastructure and computer tracking systems in place MTS Logistics has shown a solid and steady growth. Today the company has an active base of over 4,250 customers and delivers to over 25,000 dental, healthcare and related professionals throughout the province of British Columbia daily. Included among these are :

  • Hospitals, care facilities, health units, health regions
  • Medical, dental, law, optical offices
  • X-ray and radiology centres
  • Medical and dental laboratories
  • Chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists
  • WCB, ICBC and other public and private insurance companies
  • Medical and dental equipment suppliers
  • and so many more